Francis IV (1680 - 1724) was the Holy Roman Emperor, King in Germany, as well as King of Stolz and the Habsburg Dominions from 1708 until his death in 1724. He was known throughout his life as a weak and impressionable monarch, also occasionally having bouts of insanity.

Reign of Ferdinand VI - His Imperial Highness, Archduke Francis Edit

Francis IV was born on the 12th of October 1680 at Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna. Francis was born in the reign of his grandfather, the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand VI. He was born to Archduke Augustus, heir to the throne, and his wife Maria Charlotte. The birth was relatively small, with a few attendees including his father, grandfather and members of the Imperial Family. The birth was not seen as overly important at the time, as he was the second child of Archduke Augustus.

Francis' brother, Archduke Charles, died aged 2 shortly after Francis' birth. This made Francis second-in-line to the throne after his father.